Paris in february

Paris is a wonderful city, even in february.

These last months have been stressful on so many levels, so I was a bit concerned that I might be entering a new attack. My legs are not perfect and I was a bit worried that I would not be able to walk as much as I wanted. A weekend in Paris should involve some sightseeing… 😉  But a nice hotel, lot of sleep and rest, yoga and mind training gave me the energy. Combined with taxi instead of the tube, and a lot of resting on parisian cafes, ( coffee, crepes) – I did really well, almost like the old days. Almost 😉  Comparing, I really know that I need the transplant!

We love sightseeing in old churches (Notre Dame, Pantheon this time) and when Trond walked around, I sat resting and meditating on a bench -looking quite sacral, I think.

During this weekend, I really feel that I am part of an exclusive network, with people who already had ASCT or is about to have it. I get so much information, inspiration and encouragement from you – you really don’t know what this means to me! And now I really hope soon to confirm some progress in my process as well.


3 thoughts on “Paris in february

  1. Really exiting how you’re exploring the Stem Cell option – good on you.
    I currently have MS and wont go into details now, however suffice to say that I’m sick of it taking from me without my permission . . .
    I currently live in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.
    My husband also has MS plus is also diabetic – life is never dull around here!!!

    We both know how precious and fleeting life is.

    So keen to know of the outcome of your explorings.

    Sammi 🙂

  2. Hi. enjoyed reading what yer been upto and, knowing there are others who struggle to live the kind of life that is rewarding and has some joy on the way.As i live with MD n my partner has macular dystropy.
    Peter Baker

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