3 months – break even?

I am three months post transplant, and I think I can say that I am back at the same level of energy and physical endurance as I was when I left for Sweden. I compare this to a project, and I think I am going brake even now, ready to harvest the benefit!

On day 90 – last wednesday – I ¬†was back in my TKD Do Bok. I didn’t do much on training, mostly basic techniques and stretching, but it was great to be back!

Saturday 24th of august was the 3 month anniversary, and we celebrated by getting a surprise in the mail from Stockholm Care (Karolinskas International Office). The final settlement shows a total of nearly 400′ NOK (about 68 USD), and we get 230′ NOK (40’USD) back, after prepaying 630′ NOK. I am so grateful that I didn’t have any complication, since that obviously would have led to a higher total amount. At the same time, I am so proud that I managed to do my “mental yoga” in the toughest week. I was so afraid to get pneumonia as a complication, and without any scientific evidence I still believe that my nightly breathing exercise helped me here. So what do we do with the refund money? We pay it back to the bank that loaned us the money…..

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