Day 100: Alive and kicking!

When you read about HSCT, and especially the risks involved, most papers focus on the survival rate at 100 days. I would like to contribute to this statistic: Today, saturday september 1st 2012, it is 100 days since I got my stem cells back. And I am feeling real good!

Today, I re-opened my membership at the gym, and got a really heavy full body work out… no, wait, thats next year. I did walk very slowly 1 km to the gym, did some exercises – very careful not to strain any muscles – and walked (a bit unsteady) back home. It all took about one hour, and I finished at home with some basic Taekwon-Do exercises.

For the first time, I am positive that I experience improvement from before transplant, I definitively have better balance 🙂

I don’t care that my vision got a bit blurry afterwards, this is how I have always expanded my abilities: Push and rest, push and rest. So I really deserved my 30 minutes meditation in the late summer sun afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Day 100: Alive and kicking!

  1. I love your website. I have ms and am looking for a place to get the hsct procedure. Can you tell me how and who to contact at the hospital in Stockholm?
    How much is the procedure and how many weeks/months?

    Thank you, Jane

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