4 months

Yesterday, mondag september 24th, was the 4 month anniversary for my transplant. And do I register improvements? Oh yes! On a lot of areas, I can see significant improvement from before transplant, my walking ability is approximatly like it was a year ago. I have considerably better stability and balance, showing when I do yoga, and when I walk longer distances. I still struggle with my right leg, dropfoot and a unstable knee, but I can walk faster and longer than before.

My challenge nowadays are the muscle cramps, making it difficult to stand up (at least without looking 90 years old). Well, people buy expensive muscle stimulators on TV-shop, I get mine for free both day and night….. I am taking blood tests now, to se if lacing of minerals is causing the “electrolyttrubbning”. Would be nice if there was a pill for this.

A small trip to Barcelona convinced me that my walking is better now than one year ago. I was able to walk 8 km (5 miles) in total one afternoon. The interesting thing is that I started out feeling exhausted (and worried about toilets), but got better as we went. Some food, coffe and shopping along might have helped. Got really traumatized in one of the fitting rooms – why do they have to have downlights? Do they understand what your skin looks like in that light?

We spent a lot of time in Sagrada la Familia, the worlds most fantastic church! And we took the elevator in one of the towers, and walked the stairs to the top. Fantastic view, and amasing to be able to walk those narrow stairs. And I have been walking outdoor without the wig for the first time 🙂

My biggest challenge now is to focus on the improvements, and not the distance yet to go until I am “normal”. I have come a long way since june! yesterday I had my first real business-meeting, and I hae participated on ordinary courses – just to get in the modus. I am really looking forward to working again!

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