Day 125: I am able to run!

Two things today: Blood test and going to the gym.

Was at my usual doctor, to get a blood test. I have struggled with strong muscle kramps, especially bad this night and morning, so I am curious if this will show on the test. And I am starting vaccination next week, that will be nice.

This evening, I went to the gym for my first class-practise in about two years. Too early for the Body Combat and Core-classes, I went for the Body Balance. Not sure if i would be able to be there all the time, but i did! It was a wonderful class, with some yoga, balance and core, and I felt comfortable modifying the wxercises I’m not strong or flexible enough to do yet.  Walking home in the rain, feeling good, and 150 m from home I got this urge to run. So I did. Dropfoot is a real hazard, but I managed, felt so energetic! Average speed: 6 km/hour. Ok, inside the house I am now dragging a right leg feeling like a timber log, but that will pass 🙂

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