Week 23+ : Back at work

I am sorry for sunch a long time without any updates. In general, I can say that I now – 5 1/2 moths post transplant – are feeling much better, I definitively notice improvements from before treatment, and I am now back at work.

I just love being back at work. I just have to acknowledge that this is my priority now, and I will get more tired than before, so for a periode it will all be about work, rest, eat and sleep.

I started getting back to work with participating on a lot of couses and seminars. That was fantastic inspiring, giving me a lot of ideas and energy for my new working life. Noticing that I am able to follow normal schedule, using high heels, being concentrated and create a lot of new stuff – it is all very energizing.

On the other side, I just have to realize that the progress is very much like one step ahead and two steps back again. I still struggle with the muscle cramping, weak right leg and drop foot when I get tired. But even though I am impatient to notice more progress – there is no doubt that there are improvements on previous damage. I have better balanse, I can walk further and faster, and there are a lot of small signs that might be subjective, but absoultely positive. Now I just hope that there will be possible to measure the progress on my 6 month evaluation.

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