Week 24: Train and streetcar

I love being back at work. It is exhausting to be “on stage” for 7 hours each day, but I get so much energy and inspiration from my seminar-participants ๐Ÿ™‚ This week and next are really fully booked, but I could obviously not keep up this pace for a long time.

I stopped taking the train in june last year – and I stopped taking the bus and streetcar to the venues a long time before that. It was just too exhausting – and to scary, walking stairs with the suitcase, the distance to and from the station, balancing into the trains…. ย Well, yesterday I took the train to Oslo (1,5 hours) and today I took the streetcar from the venue. The walking, the carrying, the balancing went all well – and I didn’t get as tired as I feared. I am not all fine with this, but I am optimistic that it will continue to get easier with time.

I want to set a new standard for how I relax after my courses. Instead of just sinking down in front of a screen, today I did almost one hour of yoga, stretching and meditation. The balance is worse again – probably because I’m tired – but otherwise it felt wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Week 24: Train and streetcar

  1. Your blog is so inspiring. It’s amazing how positive and upbeat you have been through this journey.Positive thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep smiling. My 23yr old daughter will be at day 0 tomorrow for her stem cell transplant. She was diagnosed with AML leukemia on July 5 this year. Her donor is a international male. Her courage and strength has truly been amazing along with her positive attitude.Many Blessings to you and I will continue reading your updates. Take Care, Tammy from Florida!

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