Week 25: Speed record

This week is my second consecutive week with intensive coursing – today I have finished my third 2-day course in Project Leadership, and I have another one tomorrow and friday. I love holding these courses, but it is quite tough, being on stage for 7-8 hours each day – yet: I am feeling great, and these two last days I have been on high heels all day!

Today I walked to a dinner meeting after work, and after that I did one hour of shopping. And then, I made the speed record on my walk back to the apartment: 400 meters in 3 1/2 minute – thats a speed of 7 km/h – or 4,3 mph. Its the fastes I have walked (in new time) – and just one minute longer than running 400 m in april. After that exhausting day! So happy and proud, and it just confirmes what I have been thinking this past week:

YES, I am feeling better, YES, it is working, YES, it’s reversing old damage, YES, it was worth the money 🙂

And yes, I will probably fall hard after this rise, but I am used to that now, and it doesn’t matter as long as the trend is so clear!

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