6 months: Slowly rewinding

Oh yes, it is working. No doubt about it. Slowly, I can notice improvements. Saturday was my 6 month anniversary for the HSCT, and the progress is very positive. I can sleep for a whole night, and drive for 1,5 hours without stopping at any gas station to pee. I am writing normally on the keyboard. I can hold courses for a whole day without planning when to sit down, and what to hold on to. I can be instuctor for the TKD children and move almost normal, and even show some techniques. I still get special treatment on my own training practice, but I am able to work on the basic techniques, I can even stretch without my muscles totally panic.

I challenged myself on saturday. Before I left for Sweden in april, I ran 400 m on the outdoor running track. I was sure that would not be an option in november, because of the snow. But did we see any? Absolutely no snow – and no excuse. It was a cold run, and I had to walk for some meters in the last curve (I might have been able to run all the way if there had been two televison camera team like in april…), but managed to do something like a sprint to finish the run. In april the time was 2.36, now it was 2.48. But the word “run” and “sprint” are wrong, I hardly broke the rules of race walk…… The run in may will be different!

My neurologist had forgotten to send the application for the rehab-hospital, so the 6 months check up there will be delayed. I am halfway through the vaccine-programme, and everything is fine thanks to the people working in the chemistry.

My blood tests are finally all good – late october (by 5 months) all my values were inside the reference area. Finally!

I just wanted to show you the picture of the geographically distribution I have on this blog:

I hope this interest will indicate the pressure that eventually will be put on the doctors to offer this treatment world wide. We are a big and international group holding each other informed and updated on the treatment and the results. There will be impossible for the doctors to ignore this. When I first heard about this, I only knew about Hanna, George and Carmel. When I was in Stockholm, Kevin and Melissa was treated at the same time. Today I am aware of more than 10 people getting HSCT all over the word at the same time: Karolinska, Heidelberg, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Moscow, Johannesburg, Chicago….. Heidelberg has now accepted both SPMS and PPMS for this treatment. I really like the development. Even norwegian doctors will have to keep updated eventually 🙂

I am looking forward to the rest of this adventure!


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