9 months: Spring is coming after a tough winter

First: Sorry for not blogging in english for three months. I hope you have been able to translate the norwegian blog via google.

This will be a short summary, and a update now that I am 9 months post transplant.

during the winther, I have had a rough cold both in december, january and february. It is obvious that my new immunsystem needs a lot of practice! The problem is that they act like 7 year olds playing football: Everyone following the ball, no one takes care of the rest. So the improvements from the autumn has mostly been gone this winter.

There has been some good things, though. A short trip to Florida to celebrate the new year, beautiful weather, nice to visit family. We actually rented a bike in Miami, had a totally perfect two hour ride on South Beach, gave me a lot of flow-feeling to stay with me for a long time.

I started the nwe year with a “portfolio de-cluttering”, realizing that I have to consentrate on the things that are most important for me in the future, and that I must accept that I probably never will be able to multitask at the level I have done so far.  So I have to prioritize the things that is really important to me: My family and my job.

So, now I am 9 months post transplant. And after some tought winter months, things have finally changed. They have changed mostly because I have managed to get back to the mental platform I was on before Sweden: Noticing what is working, what is good and what I can do. I do yoga twice a day, I medidate and do physical training.

I am working again, holding a lot of courses. It is hard work, long days and intense concentration. So it is so wonderful to be able to do it just like I want to.

The physical improvements are noticeable again: My left leg is almost perfect, my hands are stronger…a lot of small, almost not noticeable improvements.  Today I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I turned on the gps-app, but soon realized that any comparison would be fuitless: In Tonsberg the snow is melting, the roads are incredible icy and slippery, I had to tip-toe carefully, walk in the snow on the side, wait for driving cars….. At home, I checked the time. 20 seconds faster than the same route in august! This is wonderful, and means that the changes has been so small, and even so important 🙂

My roject evaluation, originalle due at 6 months, was supposed to be done at a hospital nearby. But they refuse to help me. The reason? “We offer specialized rehabilitation for pasients with neurological diseases.”  Well, maybe that means that I no longer have a neurological disease?  I am still working on getting a real evaluation in may.

The most exciting right now: On monday march 11th, the Norwegian national television will present my story, NRK Puls. I am really looking forward to that 🙂

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