9 1/2 month: My story on national television

March 11th 2013 the most acknowledged health program on the national television channel in Norway, NRK Puls, did a reportage on my story. This was in the context of “The modern patient” – we who don’t wait for our doctors to recommend a treatment, but pursue a treatment and go ahead on our own. I was very pleased with the program – it is scary to be exposed like this on your most vulnerable, but NRK are very professional and the angle was very representative for how we experienced the process.

I suppose the language will be a problem for many of you, but if you just want to look at the filming, there are three sequences with me in the treatment process, giving a good impression of the experience, and a studio-interview in the end.


This is me and the program host right after the studio interview:

Elin og Helene etter intervjuet

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