10. months: Washing windows in the sun

Sunday march 24th was my 10-month anniversary, and I feel fine in so many ways. I have been working a lot lately, travelling around in Norway, giving courses, working long days, there has been trains, planes and high heels. And I love it 🙂 I am now 100% back, no more sick-leave, no more medications, just me getting slowly back to my life.

Since 9-month, I have been doing yoga twice a day – every morning and every evening. This is to get the routine and habit again – and after three weeks like that, I finally got the real flow-feeling. So now my mental training and my yoga is in place, and I am starting to give myself physical challenges.

I have a nice little walk in my neighborhood – 1400 meters. last week I spent 17:44 minutes on that round, almost 5 minutes improvement from four weeks earlier. Ok, I was really tired then, but it is the first time in more than a year that I actually have been short of breath after walking! Normally my leg collapse before I get tired. So this might be a good sign – or meaning that I am now in really bad shape….

And I have bben washing windows – from a ladder! WIth the sharp spring sun, it was too obvious that there had been too long since last time……


My improvement are still in two categories: Improving from chemo – obvious. Improving from the MS – a bit more uncertain. But some improvements are so slow and so small that I hardly notice them. In those cases it is good to have Trond reminding me: “Are you aware that you have been walking around in this shop all alone, not holding me?” No, I wasn’t.

Last saturday my fourth cold this winter came creeping upon me. I am actually a bit tired of them now! So I took a really hot bath – to that extent that I needed help walking afterwards. Checked my temperature: it was 38,4 Celcius. It shrank rapidly to normal in about ten minutes, while my leg cooprated again, but it is interesting to see how one can induce fever. I think it helped, along with my mental techniques, because this cold has been just a small one 🙂

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