16 months: Slow but steady ahead

This summer has been good. Now, I feel that I am mostly back on the level of improvement that I experienced the first 6 months after HSCT. My impression is that many of us have some quite definitive improvments the first months, but then they might be stopping or reversing. Sometimes I compare with last autumn: I was still weak, but so optimistic, planning for the same rate of improvements further on. Then months of doubt. But well, I am feally feeling better now. Mo walking is smoother, I have more capacity for doing normal stuff, doing training, pushing myself.

Yoga LofotenI started medical yoga late this summer, and finally got into the routine of starting every morning with basic yoga. I have had this as an ambition ever since I was in isolation at the hospital, with CVK 24/7 😉 I have had this self-image as myself as a persistent and determined person, but my yoga and training has been less than impressive. With my muscles tightening up, and my balance below par, I just got no sense of achievement. But starting really soft with medical yoga, I got the routine going, and after six weeks I now get the flow-feeling again 🙂 I am back at the flexibility-level I was before HSCT, and my balance is almost as good. I can almost touch ground with straight legs (starting on touching knees…) I can stand on one leg in the three-position for 10-15 second, even on my right leg.

I hear that many other HSCT’ers are following quite rigid programs with physiotherapy and PT, and hitting the wall at full speed. Be careful, listen to your body, do breathing excercises and lower your stress-level.

Patience is the magic word, as George (my eternal guru) always say.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my regular check at my optician, for new contact lenses. The viskon test has always been a struggle, but this time i could answer fast and steady. He was suprprised at my general improvement, and described my eyesight as “normal”, after beeing on a slow hill against problems to maintain my drivers licence. Ok, I still have all the age-related problems, needing progressive glass and so on, but normal sight! That is wonderful. But still my eyes worry me a bit, there are still strange things going on there from time to time. But maybe, it is just my body working on the remisson 🙂 Always hoping!

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