20 months: Good effect of my “no-sugar”-regime

My new year resolution startet dec 26th, and now I feel confident that I will manage to keep them, after nearly a month 🙂

I had four “new actions” I wanted to implement:

  1. Absolutely no sugar or any chocolate
  2. Yoga every morning
  3. Meditation each day
  4. Excercise and stretching eah day

So, what are the results so far?

I have been totally off sugar, except for two occasions: I ate some christmas cookies when cleaning out christmas, and I drank a glass of fanta two days later. And the effect? I almost immidiately experienced spasms and cramps in my right leg. That has been a real problem for me the last months, but except for theese episodes, nothing for two weeks 🙂 So the saying is true: “There is no such thing as failure, just useful information and feedback”

I struggled with the yoga in the morning, until I made my own routine  – a soft, calm yoga inspired by medical yoga. And then I do som real efficient yoga routine 2-3 evenings a week. Ha one late, late night yoga, wonderful – quiet and more fleksible than ever. Wonderful 🙂

I was not consistent with the meditation the first week, but then I found a description of ifferent meditations. So now I vary between these forms:

  • Laying flat on the bathroom floor, just breathing deep and scanning my body for positive sensations.
  • Listening to guided meditations
  • Sitting, breathing and visualizing
  • And several times a day, I do gratitude and “the inner smile”, just a few seconds to feel happy

SnøfreserExcercising and stretching has been  – well, I am not consistently doing it every day. But the last week we have had more snow than ever, and I have been shovelling for hours each day. Qualify as excercise, I regard. Luckily, I like it 🙂

I am stronger, more resilient and with more endurance when I do this quite hard work, and I have definitively improved since pre-HSCT.

After just a few weeks withour sugar, I am sure my body and healing process benefit from this change.

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