Two years. Already?

Yesterday I celebrated my 2 year post HSCT-anniversary. Well, it was the birthday party for a friend, but anyway. I was walking on high heels, my walking was no issue, and I am back to being myself again.

London 2 år

We have been to London, and my stamina for walking and shopping was remarkable better than in Paris in 2012.

People are asking me: Does it work? And the answer is YES!

Still, I would have hoped for even better results.

  • I was hoping to get back to Taekwon-Do training, and pursue the 3rd degree examination. That is not realistic, due to my balance issues.
  • I was hoping to be able to walk more, further, faster and more stable.
  • I was hoping to run 400m on track faster than in 2012. I don’t even dare trying. For now, at least. It might be just my stamina and strength, after 2 years without training. I don’t know. I have just been so sad because I couldn’t manage the TKD, and have not been able to find another training i like and manage.

This video was recorded today (wonderful spring/summer in Norway now!). My walking is smoother and better than before HSCT, even though it sometimes is worse (especially when I am tired), but sometimes it is even better than this:

2 år gange

I am so happy about everything I am able to do.

I can work. Long days, consentrating, on stage, high heels. Big audiences. Certification exams, business administration, expanding my business, daring to plan ahead. It is so much fun! And I no longer have to talk about HSCT at work, because there is nothing to explain 🙂

And today, I managed to bike with “professional bike-shoes”, those you click to the pedal. I only did it with my right foot, and then I did no longer have to worry about it slipping off the pedal. It was wonderful! Now I just want to practice a lot, so that I can use it on both feet ( a bit scary still, being tied up wit both feet).

This week I will take my last vaccination, against chicken pox. This is solely based on the advice from the HSCT-forum, and the fact that my wonderful granddaughter is starting kindergarden this autumn. I really want to be a cool grandmother, but no so cool that we get chickenpox together.

On friday, I am taking my 2 year MRI, it would be nice if they show the improvements I feel.

And my new year resolutions? Well, getting the flu in mach was a bump in the road. But I am back on track for the biggest part of it: Doing yoga every day, meditation almost every day. Much better eating, and still ambitious!


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