35 months: My days are about family, job and yoga

Today is one month before my 3 year anniversary. This year has been all about finding new routines. Accepting that my body is weaker than in was before, that my balance is worse, and that I have to be consistent about training on my present level.  My ne routine is yoga each morning and evening, stretching each day in addition to this. I wish I could say that I am as consistent in my strength and cardio training, but well… not quite 🙂 But I do interval-training in stairs: Going up 8 floors, taking the elevator down, and repeating up to 4 in total! Excellent way to get hifh pulse while holding tight on both handles! Thanks to this I actually did catch a train one day, despite being a bit too late 🙂

I am still doing full-day seminars in Project Management, it is fantastic to be able to do the job I love. My walking is not as smooth as it was two years ago, so I usually give a short explanation. Ensuring that it is just water in my glass, makes everything more relaxed.  This spring I have updated with certification exams, getting even more exciting curriculum to teach 🙂

I am enclosing a short video showing me and our granddaughter in our garden, in the last snow before easter:

I snøen

PS: My 3 year MRI had no changes compared to last year, so there has been no new lesions since 2011!

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