Mental preparations

Mental preparation

I have been working extensively with mental training for years, as a mind coach for top athletes, as with leadership training, f.ex. stress management and better performance.

Dealing with my MS-symptoms, I have had very good effect using mental tools as NLP and Lightning Process to actually influence and change both my body and my brain. I am not able to completely reboot my immune system, but I will continue the work with yoga, meditation and “on the spot mind training”. This is in practice to use mental techniques to train my brain to deal with negative stuff – either it is happening in my body or to my body.

Essential here is also visualization and creating the desired future in my mind. This includes positive thinking, enhancing the positive things in life, and being able to focus in a constructive way when things are getting tough. Mental toughness and resilience is a “muscle” that needs training and maintenance, just like physical condition.

I am a Master Practitioner in NLP, certified by Richard Bandler in London october 2011. I will use this knowledge to prepare and deal with the treatment, and am certain this will enable me to get a good treatment and recovery.

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