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If you are diagnosed with MS, or you suspect that you might have it – you would want both to prevent ant treat. It is basically all about five things:

  1. Prevent MS from progressing further
  2. Halt active MS
  3. Treat active attacks/shub with cortisone
  4. Treat symptoms. I know nothing about this, since I don’t have severe symptoms – or believe the side-effects outweigh the effects
  5. Stop the MS. I write about this under “Stem Cell Transplant.
1. Prevent MS
I believe that you can do a lot yourself to prevent the MS to develop. When i got diagnosed, I asked the present MS-nurse and other he alt-personnel: what can I do? The answer was basically: don’t change your way of life, don’t get more stress into your life now, have a nice time, listen to your body. Well, my body prefer to lay on the coach, eat chocolate and watch soap-operas, so it clearly need som resistance.
In addition to physical and mental training, I believe in three things:
Quit eating white sugar
Basically, it’s poison, and it trigger inflammatory conditions in you nervous system. You don’t need more of that. This is still, sadly enough,  my big challenge.
Take vitamin D
Watch this video from Dr. Krupka, talking about genetic disposition, environmental triggers and the importance of vitamin D. He refers to Dr. Burton, recommending 4000 IE vitamin D3 each day. The Norwegian health authorities recommends 400 IE for normally healthy people.
Take Omega-3
Myeline is fat. If it goes, it must be useful to supplement it.

2: Halt the MS

Main treatment offered in Norway

In Norway you can get interferon/betaferon or Tysabri to halt the progress of the MS.

Interferon/betaferon can possibly give you a 30% potential reduction of future attacks. Tysabri has 70% potential reduction, and a significant reduction on permanent damage when attacked. These medication is offered to RRMS-patients. You inject it yourself one or several times a week.

Tysabri is the newest medicine, given every 4th week, intravenous at hospital. Interferon/Betaferon is injected by yourself once or several times a week. There are a lot of research done to find halt medicine to give as pills, but none is ready yet.

3. Treat active attics/schubs

In Norway, they offer SoluMedrol (a kortisonstereoid) to treat active inflammations in your nervous system. Its given intravenous in hospitals, and it takes three days.

I have had 7 of this treatments, mostly with good effect. The side-effect can be really strong, but in my experience: The stronger the side-effects, the better the effect.

Some of “my” side-effects:

  • Sleepless
  • Both exhausted and frenetic at the same time
  • Everythin taste metallic
  • Feet doubling the size
  • Depression -this is because your body very fast get used to the drug, and abstinence is jumping on you at day 4 & 5. It will pass over 🙂

I am not up to date on treatment for SPMS and PPMS.

Disclaimer: All of these information is based on my experience, and I take no responsibility for choices made based solely on this blog.

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