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I live in Norway, I run my own company as a Project Coach, specializing in seminars and leadership development.

I have been with my wonderful husband for 32 years, we have two grown up sons, and with them two “daughters”. All of us have black belt in Taekwon-Do πŸ™‚


Physical training was not recommended for MS in 2001. Now you get pamphlets recommending hard strength training for MS. So I must have been doing something right before anyone knew it πŸ™‚ Based on that, I am confident in my own choices for how to deal with my MS in a best possible way (for me, not the MS).


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Takk for at du vil dele dette med oss, Elin! Ønsker deg all mulig hell og lykke med behandlingen. Sikker pΓ₯ at du klarer dette!!!
    Klem fra meg

  2. Hi Elin,

    I also have been through HSCT 2010. My website http://www.msstemcell.com shows my entire journey. I filmed the whole process. I am very excited for you as you now go forth to get rid of Ms for good.

    Excellent website and fantastic knowledge like George and Hanna have done w their websites.

    So very important as w Ms so much of our power is taken away from us.

    I to am in close contact with George and Hanna. I hope we can also be friends.

    God bless Carmel Turner xoxo

  3. Hi Elin-
    Just found your blog on my day 3 after stem cell transplant….thank you for posting. Your journey sounds similar to mine….can’t wait to catch up and read ALL of it! Good luck to you!

  4. Hi Elin,

    Just saw your blog and reviewed it. Very helpful information. I was accepted to Russia’s program this upcoming August and I cannot wait. I will continue to review your site.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Spiro! Congratulations πŸ™‚ When you read about my experience, remember that I did full-myo, Dr. Federenko is doing non-myo, so it is not so hard. All the best!

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