Physical preparations

Waiting for my transplant, I have two major strategies for preparations for the treatment and recovery: Physical and mental training.

Physical preparation

I love physical training, and until last summer I practiced Taekwon-Do, where I have a black belt 2. dan. This is getting difficult now, based on my unreliable legs. Therefore I practice other work-outs, mostly weight lifting and cycling, in addition to yoga and stretching.  My theory is that the more physical fit I am, the better my body will deal with the heavy treatment, and the recovery afterwards.

The last months before starting the HSCT-process, I have had trouble keeping up the level of physical training that I usually do.  My body is not responding the way I want, I get overly exhausted and my muscle get extremely tired.

Even though, I know that my level of physical training the last 15 years, has been a major contributor to keeping my health, and by then my ability to work at the intensity I do.

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